Allergic Youth (Unga Allergiker) is a religious and politically independent nonprofit youth organization that is based on the commitment of our members – our motto is “for youth, by youth”. Allergic Youth was founded 1983 and works to connect and support children and youth, 6–29 years old, with asthma, allergies and/or other sensitivities. It is free to become a member and our members and local organizations exist all over Sweden. Together we strive to encourage each other and to show that we set the boundaries, not our allergies!

Why do we Need Allergic Youth?
Asthma and allergies are two common diseases among children and youth that affect quality of life and the possibility to partake in the society. Today about a third of children have some sort of allergy and about eight percent of all schoolchildren have asthma.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that people with disabilities have the right to take part in the society on equal premises as everyone else. This also includes people with asthma and allergies. However, asthma and allergies are often forgotten – they are invisible disabilities that seldom are taken seriously.

We know that children and youth with asthma and allergies want to eat, travel, go to concerts and ice hockey games just like everyone else – without getting sick. As of today, there are children that can’t even go to school because of bad air quality inside the school. We want to change this! By increasing knowledge and understanding regarding what it is like to live with asthma, allergies and other sensitivities we are making the society more accessible. Our local organizations arrange fun activities that everyone can take part in and every year popular summer camps and weekend activities are organized. We also do political lobbying and raise awareness about topics like the right to adequate health care, the issues with smoking and animals in public areas as well as the right to school lunches.

Why should I become a member?
A membership in Unga Allergiker is free. As a member you can…
• Meet new friends with similar experiences.
• Be part of the change. The more members we have, the stronger voice in the public debate!
• Engage in a local organization and learn more about volunteer work and democracy.
• Join us at camps, member meetings and other activities!

You can also order informative posters in Swedish, English or Arabic here.